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Russia’s cyber attacks on Romania: SRI report shows


Russia is launching a wave of cyber attacks that are also affecting countries adjacent to the target country. Therefore, the number of attacks did not necessarily increase, but the number of actors initiating attacks increased. Here is what the SRI says.

Thus, according to Economica, Cyberint within SRI has identified at least three cybercrime groups. These are associated with Russian institutions (FSB, SVR and GRU) that have carried out cybercrime actions in Romania.

“The proliferation of cyber attacks is also a consequence of the democratization of access to malware, because now there is a possibility to buy a malware package, which can be used by people who have nothing to do with the IT industry, to harm targets, institutions or people. “, said Anton Mugurel Rog, General Director of the Cyberint National Center, within SRI, quoted by the same source.

What the SRI says

He also noted that there is no update on the legal system, an advanced framework for the application of criminal law for online crime: fight corruption and do not prosecute them ”.

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Therefore, experts recommend that in order to protect against cyber threats, we should update our operating system, use an antivirus product, and evaluate our individual behavior and our online routine, paying close attention to the addresses we receive emails from. and the files we access. Also, for companies, there needs to be a security plan, with procedures by which a business can resume its activity and recover critical functions, without major revenue losses. Moreover, the backup is not done on the same system, it must be done offline.

New cyber attacks have been taking place in Ukraine every week since the beginning of the war. According to Kaspersky, there is a landscape of threats in connection with the conflict, with the wider international community. In this regard, the international community has observed a very large number of attacks of various kinds and with varying degrees of sophistication.

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For example, among the destructive attacks, we can list: ransomware, fake ransomware, Wipers and Wipers e ICS / OT. The analysis of these destructive attacks notes that many of the malicious programs discovered have very different degrees of sophistication.

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