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Ryanair test for South African passengers, classified as “crazy and discriminatory” by an aviation expert


Ryanair has been outraged that it has asked South African passengers to prove their nationality before traveling by completing an Afrikaans test.

This language is used by only 12% of the population and has long been identified with apartheid and the white minority.

The largest airline in Europe in terms of the number of passengers – which do not operate flights to and from South Africa – said it had asked all passengers in the UK to fill out a “simple questionnaire” because of which he described as a high prevalence of fraudulent South African passports.

“If they are unable to complete this questionnaire, they will be denied travel and will be reimbursed in full,” said an Irish airline spokesman.

The British High Commissioner for South Africa said on Twitter that the test was not a requirement for the British government to enter the United Kingdom.

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Ryanair said the move would apply to any South African passport holder flying to the UK from elsewhere in Europe with the company.

The airline did not immediately respond to a question as to why it would apply on these routes, given that the UK says it is not a requirement.

Aviation analyst Alex Macheras described the move as “categorically insane and discriminatory”.

“Given the higher prevalence of false travel documents globallyWill Ryanair also ask the British to take a Latin test before boarding? No, “he added on Twitter.

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“Currently, this crazy policy only targets South African passport holders.”

Afrikaans is the third most spoken of South Africa’s 11 official languages, and is used by 12% of the country’s 58 million people. It was considered the official language until the end of apartheid in 1994.

The language was born out of Dutch colonization in South Africa in the 17th century and has long been identified with racial classification and associated with apartheid ideology, which has been applied and propagated mainly by the National White Minority Party since 1948.

His domination during apartheid was seen as a symbol of the inequality imposed on previous generations by restrictions on where people could live, work, go to school and own land.

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