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Safari joins Chrome in the “over one billion users” club – which is the most used browser


Apple’s Safari browser has finally surpassed one billion users globally, becoming the second browser to achieve this performance. The Google Chrome browser is still in first place, with three times as many: 3.3 billion users.

These two browsers own most of the browser market, as the next most used browser has only one-fifth of Safari users. This is Microsoft Edge, which has 212 million global users. Beyond that, Mozilla Firefox, Samsung Internet and Opera are fighting for the right places.

Browser usage findings were reported by AtlasVPN. It used the percentage of GlobalStats browser market share, which was converted to real numbers using Internet World Stats. The number for Safari is equivalent to 19% of all Internet users, no doubt due to its inclusion in the iPhone and iPad.

Safari, the second browser in the world

It’s also included on all Macs, but the mobile version is probably the reason for its dominance. The same could be said for Chrome, which is currently a full-fledged bus. It is currently used by 64% of all internet users globally. This is no doubt due to the fact that Android is the dominant operating system for mobile devices. According to the same statistics meter, Android has 71% of the global market share. The same data shows iOS with only 27% of the market.

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However, in the US, Safari and Chrome are a little closer. Chrome still has the largest share of the browser market at 49%. However, Safari is not far behind, with 36% of the market. Microsoft Edge has about six percent, and the rest of the browsers have the rest.

However, Edge is slowly gaining market share, at least globally. It recently launched Windows 11 with Edge as its default browser. Then it made it very difficult to change browsers, requiring people to manually change file associations. He has since reversed his position after receiving much justified criticism. However, this maneuver probably helped Edge’s market share. AtlasVPN notes that it has overtaken Firefox in the last year, becoming the third most used browser.

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The only browsers that seem to lose or gain market share are Safari and Chrome, at least in the United States. In fact, the “browser wars” of yesteryear seem to be resolved now, and Google has clearly won. This is despite Microsoft’s efforts to persuade people to switch to the Edge.

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