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Samsung, in the wrong direction: figures that show you no longer make waves in front of Apple


Depending on your affinities for top smartphones, chances are high that you’re looking for a Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone. The reality is, however, that the South Korean giant is no longer coping with Chinese innovation from Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme and others.

The global economic context, the semiconductor crisis and the most interesting smartphones coming from China are doing a very good job of putting Samsung’s wheels in motion. The full side of the glass, if we can call it that, is that the South Koreans realized in advance the disaster of sales in the next period and, as a result, orders dropped significantly.

Samsung is going down fast

Samsung expects a significant drop in smartphone sales this year. Estimates for 2022, when the year began, were 310 million smartphones. According to data obtained by the Korean press on the subject, from sources close to the company, the production order was reduced to 280 million units.

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Basically, we’re talking about a difference of about 10% or 30 million less smartphones. If it wasn’t obvious, this is a significant drop in production for the first place in the global ranking of phones, at the moment.

On the one hand, there are many explanations for the decrease in terminal sales, regardless of the manufacturer. The pandemic that is still wreaking havoc in various parts of the world, the war in Ukraine with global trade implications and, last but not least, rising inflation in Europe and America. But what is worrying and a bad sign for Samsung is the fact that the economic outlook for this year has been worrying since the end of last year, when the 310 million smartphones were ordered. The fact that orders have now dropped by 10% betrays that the reality for South Koreans is a little more worrying than for the rest of the industry.

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In terms of Apple’s performance this year, the Cupertino giant ordered the same number of units as in 2021. That’s 220 million, while some analysts have estimated that with the iPhone 14, we’re talking about an explosion of the number of people who will opt for an upgrade. However, it seems that things are not looking very good for gadget makers during a financial crisis, especially for Samsung.

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