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Sasha Anisimova, the Ukrainian artist who brings to life the ruins of her country PHOTO


Its white silhouettes drawn on images of bombed-out buildings surround the world.

For several weeks, Sasha Animisova has been sensitively evoking the agony of her city. On her Instagram account, she posted emotional illustrations of deep nostalgia. A way for her to perpetuate life.

The young woman was able to flee Kharkov and take refuge in Cherkasy, in central Ukraine. Since then, she has been watching the sinister events that affect her hometown from a distance.

On March 14, she published her first creation, imagining the inhabitants of an abandoned block of flats, each in his own apartment. “I don’t know how long this will last, I don’t know how many people have been left homeless and without their loved ones,” she wrote in the message accompanying the illustration.

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“When I saw this horrible photo of the faceless building, I imagined how people lived there. And what they lost. The idea was to show what our lives were like. The lives that were stolen from us “, explained the illustrator for BFM TV via Skype.

Through her art, Sasha Anisimova wants to help her country. On Instagram, she sells T-shirts and accessories with her designs, accompanied by the message: “Ukraine is not alone” and the fatal date of February 24, 2022.

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