Home News Several wounded Ukrainian soldiers were evacuated from Azovstal on Monday evening

Several wounded Ukrainian soldiers were evacuated from Azovstal on Monday evening


About 12 buses with wounded Ukrainian soldiers left the Azovstal plant on Monday night, Reuters reports, citing a witness at the scene.

It is not clear how many people are on the buses.

According to estimates, there are about 600 Ukrainian soldiers in Azovstal’s underground.

The first wounded soldiers were evacuated from Azovstal on Monday evening, according to images published on Twitter by the news site, according to digi24.ro.

These wounded Ukrainian soldiers from Azovstal were taken to a hospital in the Donetsk region, after an agreement with the Russian side

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, a ceasefire has been agreed for the evacuation of the seriously injured, writes Guardian, which states that there is no official confirmation from the Ukrainian side yet.

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The evacuated soldiers are being taken to a hospital in the city of Novoazovsk, in Donetsk, located near Mariupol, about 40 kilometers away, the Russian Ministry of Defense also specified.

According to Tpyxa, a Ukrainian commander from Azovstal said in a video that the evacuation “is not a surrender, as reported in the Russian press.”

A senior commander of the Ukrainian forces housed in the basements of the Azovstal steel plant said on Monday that he was implementing a decision by the top military command to save the lives of service personnel. However, he does not explain exactly what this means.

Commander Denys Prokopenko said: “The main thing is to realize all the risks, there is a plan B, you are fully committed to this plan which must allow the tasks assigned to be performed and keep the lives and health of the staff?

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A senior Azovstal commander says his job is to save the lives of service personnel in the plant

This is the highest level of troop supervision. All the more so when the decision is approved by the highest military command “, according to epicnews.ro.

Quite vaguely, but given Russia’s statements on Monday, there is a presumption that it was a matter of withdrawing from Azovstal and ending the confrontation.

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