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Slovakia accuses Hungary of wanting to change borders


The head of the Slovak Parliament accuses the Prime Minister of Hungary of wanting a change of borders.

Boris Kollar, Speaker of the Bratislava Parliament, has launched a charge against Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The Slovak official also claims that the Prime Minister of Hungary was supported in his intentions by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. It is well known that Prime Minister Orbán and President Putin have a good relationship. Orbán even visited Moscow shortly before the start of the war in Ukraine.

Budapest’s intentions to change the borders would start from the existence of ethnic Hungarian minorities on the territory of some neighboring states with Hungary. Boris Kollar has warned that some politicians in Budapest are taking up the idea of ​​”Greater Hungary”. At the same time, politicians in Hungary are organizing the purchase of real estate in areas of Slovakia where ethnic Hungarians live. Such a situation is evident in the town of Košice. Members of the Hungarian community in Slovakia also receive Hungarian citizenship, Slovakia said. The plan is to “parcel out” Slovakia, Boris Kollar warned.

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He issued the warning in a debate on a Slovak television station. The debate took place on election day in Hungary. As it is known, the Fidesz party won these elections and Viktor Orbán was reconfirmed as head of the Budapest government.

Slovakia accuses Hungary and takes steps to change its legislation

One of Slovakia’s reactions was to change the legislation that allowed the purchase of real estate by foreign nationals. Budapest Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto reportedly announced that Hungary had abandoned the idea of ​​buying land in neighboring countries.

Hungarian Secretary of State Tamás Menczer has rejected allegations from Slovakia. The Hungarian Secretary of State pointed out to the Speaker of the Slovak Parliament that “we live in the 21st century”.

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