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Slovenian Embassy donates hive to Antipa Museum in honor of International Bee Day


The Slovenian Embassy in Romania offered a traditional Slovenian hive for the Antipa Museum in Bucharest.

The Slovenian hive was unveiled on Thursday, May 19, 2022. The event was attended by the Ambassador of Slovenia, Lea Stančič, other foreign diplomats, as well as the director of the Antipa Museum, Luis Ovidiu Popa.

International Bee Day is on May 20 and is being celebrated in 2022 for the third time. The Antipa Museum plans to bring several hives, the first of which is the Slovenian one, said the director of the institution, Dr. Ovidiu Popa. In order to be safely observed by the public, these hives will not, however, be populated with bees.

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The hive offered by Slovenia is of the vertical type, ie the frames are vertical, which allows them to be removed more easily. If used, it would be inhabited by two bee families.

On the other hand, the president of the Romanian Beekeepers Association, Ioan Fetea, explained to us on Thursday that Romania has a much greater potential than Slovenia in terms of beekeeping. In Slovenia, beekeeping is more of a concern for the environment. In contrast, in Romania, beekeeping is an activity of economic importance. Theoretically, this area should be supported by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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There was also a beekeeping high school in Bucharest, but it was abolished, currently having the status of a technological high school.

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