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Spotify enters into metavers with Spotify Island: what you can do and who you will interact with


Spotify says it is the first music streaming service to join the metavers platform.

A lot of companies have already gotten into metavers in a way, and now another big name is doing just that. Spotify has announced that its adventure in the virtual worlds comes through an interactive space Roblox, called Spotify Island, writes Engadget. The setting is a place where users can create music, relax in virtual places, and access exclusive virtual products.

Spotify has given its virtual space a design that is true to its brand: a lot of green with shapes, colors and icons that you will recognize from its applications. All of this is part of the game. You can collect heart-shaped “Like” icons for free products, for example. Speaking of digital goods, Spotify says that the game’s exclusive virtual merchandise will give artists a chance to get in touch with fans and a way to make money. The company explains that part of the sales will go to artists, although it did not specify a percentage. He is said to have already collaborated to create a collection of articles that “truly reflect who I am.”

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What is Spotify Island

Spotify Island’s main tasks are spending time with artists, completing missions, and accessing “exclusive content.” You can also create your own music and sounds through beat-maker stations that are powered by Soundtrap, the Spotify online recording platform purchased in 2017.

Spotify says its first “themed experience” will begin in a few weeks. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to interact with Stray Kids and SUNMI artists, if you are a K-pop fan. This is definitely the first of many interesting brand projects, as the metaverse is just beginning.

An interesting and somewhat frightening thing is that Somnium Space is developing a way for people to talk to their loved ones even after they die, in metavers. All it takes is massive amounts of personal data. Sychov is the CEO and founder of Somnium Space, one of the many versions of the metaverse that has sprouted in recent years. Unlike many of its competitors, Somnium Space is already compatible with virtual reality headphones, allowing for a captivating 3D experience.

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Sychov’s father’s death served as inspiration for an idea he came to call “Live Forever,” a future feature in Somnium Space that allows people to have their movements and conversations stored as data, then duplicated as an avatar. he moves, speaks, and sounds just like them — and he can continue to do so long after death. Sychov wants people to be able to talk to the deceased loved one whenever they want.

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