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st.ART, the largest music and street art festival in the center of the Capital, takes place on May 21 and 22


On Saturday and Sunday, May 21 and 22, St. beginning of the road.

Music and art

Saturdaygoes on stage ROA, Du Mad, Bross while on the street Obie Platoone of the veterans of street art in Romania will start a visual act performance in which he will decorate a huge sphere illuminated from the inside to the outside, which he will paint live during the festival. At the end of the two days of the festival, the shapes and geometric motifs used by the artist will reveal a memorable and instagramable urban art installation. The sphere, called Inside the Moon, will be able to be found in the future in other places full of history in Bucharest.

Bogdan Simioncobzar and collector of traditional music, takes the stage of st.ART Sunday to bring old fiddle songs back to life. Gramophone, K-LU, Dobrikan and KOV they will carry the audience through a wide variety of styles and time periods. Also on Saturday and Sunday, Silence Path invites participants to step into the universe of the experimental sound of electronic music.

A team of students from UNArteFaculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, under the guidance of Dr. Ionuţ Anghel, will prepare extremely diverse interactive installations that offer different perspectives through which the city can be seen and perceived: a huge hydrant that will greet participants at the entrance, a maze of oversized mirrors and play of lights and a cube inside which participants will discover the city upside down, animated with the help of video projections.

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In addition, Tudor, the first artist in Romania to create a mural with air cleaning paint, and Matteo will create a story about the beginnings and a gray city that comes alive with the help of colors and street art. The two invite participants to gradually discover the meaning of the work, which is based on the oversized letters START.

“We want st.ART to become the meeting place of established artists with those at the beginning of their journey in music and visual arts. The most talented young artists need a good start in their careers and we believe that an event that takes place in the center of Bucharest can give them that recognition from a large audience and at the same time a push to give them the energy to create further “, said Nicolle Petre, co-founder of st.ART

Street food

The street food area will offer variety for all tastes of the participants, who can choose between the delicacies from Creperie, VanFruct, Arrosticini, Burger Van and Delicii pe Roţi.


Children under the age of 7 have free access and can take part in the festival, in the company of a parent, until 19:00. People with disabilities and their companions have free access during the two days of the festival. In order to benefit from the gratuity, adults with disabilities (or in the case of minors their legal representatives) must send a request expressing their desire to participate in the festival and a statement on their own responsibility stating the degree of disability at contact@readytostart.art. The access rules can be found here.

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The price of a subscription for both days is 75 lei, and that of a one-day ticket is 50 lei. Tickets can be purchased from livetickets.ro and iabilet.ro. Tickets can be purchased before and during the two days of the festival, but to avoid queues, it is recommended that the ticket be purchased online.

St.Art is a festival at the intersection of the common concerns of communities developed over time by The Brunch Affair and Check Vintage & More.

About The Brunch Affair

The Brunch Affair concept is an exclusive party brand, which successfully combines the four key elements for an unforgettable event: socializing, dancing, food & drinking. In the seven years of activity and over 150 events, the community of brunchers has reached a number of 25,000. Some of the highlights are The Brunch Affair for DIOR and The Brunch Affair @ PARIS.

About Check Vintage & More

Check Vintage & More is a creative space with truly vintage clothing products located in the center of Bucharest, opposite the History Museum, Calea Victoriei area, in a historic building. This concept offers a complete experience – shopping, styling advice, photo studio, bar, events & soon restaurant. Check Vintage & More has a community of approximately 15,000 vintage lovers, plus hundreds of people who attended the events organized in this space.

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