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Taiwanese planes shake as Chinese air force enters air defense zone


Taiwan on Monday reported the largest January incursion of Chinese air forces into its air defense zone, and the island’s Defense Ministry said Taiwanese fighter jets intervened to remove 30 aircraft in the latest escalation of tensions.

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Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory, has complained over the past two years about repeated Chinese air force missions near the democratically governed island, often in the southwestern part of the air defense identification zone, or ADIZ, nearby. of the Pratas Islands controlled by Taiwan.

Taiwan calls nearby China’s repeated military activities a “gray zone war,” designed both to exhaust Taiwan’s forces, cause them to stir up repeatedly, and to test Taiwan’s reactions.

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The latest Chinese mission included 22 fighter jets, as well as warplanes, early warning aircraft and anti-submarine weapons, the Taiwanese ministry said.

The planes flew in an area northeast of Prata, according to a map provided by the ministry, although far from Taiwan itself.

Taiwan has sent fighter jets to warn Chinese planes, while missile systems have been deployed to monitor them, the ministry said.

It was the largest incursion since Taiwan reported 39 Chinese planes in its January 23 ADIZ.

There was no immediate comment from China, which said in the past that such moves were exercises designed to protect the country’s sovereignty.

The Chinese military said last week that it had recently conducted an exercise around Taiwan as a “solemn warning” against its “cooperation” with the United States.

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This came after US President Joe Biden angered China, appearing to signal a shift in US policy of “strategic ambiguity” over Taiwan, saying the United States would become militarily involved if China attacked the island.

China has stepped up pressure on Taiwan to accept its claims to sovereignty. The Taiwanese government says it wants peace, but will defend itself if attacked.

No gunfire was fired, and Chinese planes did not fly into Taiwan’s airspace, but into ADIZ, a larger area that Taiwan monitors and patrols and acts to give it more time to respond. any threat.

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