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That’s all you didn’t do on YouTube: the amazing change that helps you be more effective


YouTube is constantly undergoing a series of updates, some more useful than others. Some are for content creators, some are for regular users. Some are for the mobile app, others are just for the desktop. In any case, Google is preparing something interesting for us.

Given how many longer and longer videos are available on YouTube, the engineers behind the streaming service have thought of introducing a mechanism to make it easier to get to the best parts of a video. For this purpose, both the mobile application and the streaming client in the browser will offer the same additional benefits.

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To understand which piece might interest you the most, YouTube creates a chart that includes the parts that were played most often in a clip. Those segments will be highlighted for quick access. In the end, it saves time, and that’s the most important thing.

YouTube changes you need to know

Also to help you find what you’re interested in, YouTube will accompany the playback bar (screenshots) of the moments when you hover your cursor over your laptop or your finger on the screen. Moreover, you will see some visual references when the content of a scene in that clip changes significantly, in the form of a relevant timeline.

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In the first stage, the changes will be available to YouTube Premium subscribers, but it shouldn’t take long to reach the rest of the users. The changes now complement a recent set of changes, starting with a full screen mode with additional options, automatically generated chapters on clips, and the ability to repeat a clip. Now, however, the focus is on efficiency. It helps you get to what you’re interested in faster.

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