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The American giant that makes waves in Romania: you wouldn’t have expected these receipts from Amazon


Many important giants in the field of technology have opened offices in Romania, and the value of their local business explodes from year to year. The same thing happened with Amazon.

Apparently, you would think that Amazon has nothing to do with Romania. There is no amazon.ro and too few products are delivered to Mioritic lands abroad and countries. In reality, however, the giant has already been on the local market for several years and already boasts the performance of having reached 114 a turnover of 114 million euros in our country or about 550 million lei.

Amazon, more profitable than you think in Romania

Amazon currently has approximately 3200 employees in Romania, five times more compared to the time of opening the business in our country, 2016.

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As a reference, Amazon operates in Iași County and has become the first local company in the IT field that can boast a turnover of over half a billion lei. At the moment, we are talking about Amazon Development Center, an Amazon division on the local market, which ended last year with a net turnover of 555.3 million lei or almost 113.5 million euros, according to data sent to the Minister of Public Finance.

In addition to its headquarters in Iasi, opened about seven years ago, Amazon also has offices in Bucharest and Timisoara. The latter, however, operate under the Iasi division, and the financial results are cumulated on all three cities.

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If we look at the financial growth of recent years, it is worth noting that this is only a local consequence of a global trend. In other words, the growth of about 21% year on year, although a fabulous record, is the alignment with the global growth of the Amazon giant during the pandemic. Regarding the net profit of the local division, we are talking about approximately 19.9 million lei for 2021.

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