Home News The brand symbolizing McDonald’s gold arches was taken down in Moscow

The brand symbolizing McDonald’s gold arches was taken down in Moscow


Workers removed the “Golden Arcades” trade mark from a McDonald’s restaurant north of Moscow on Monday.

The first stage of the rebranding of the fast food company’s outlets started in Russia just a few days after it announced its plans to leave here.

The world’s largest burger chain is selling its Russian restaurants to one of its local licensees, which will give them an unannounced name, ending more than three decades in the country, according to Reuters.

The McDonald’s Golden Arcade Symbol in Moscow will remain with all other trade marks

McDonald’s has said it will keep its trademarks.

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The yellow gold arches stood on the ground in front of the restaurant in Khimki, a town near Moscow. It was not clear if the removal of the logo from other branches in the country was already underway.

In March, McDonald’s decided to close its restaurants in the country, including the location on Pushkin Square in central Moscow, which had been a symbol of flourishing American capitalism in the last moments of the Soviet Union’s extinction.

McDonald’s departure is one of the most resounding so far, in opposition to what Russia calls its special operation in neighboring Ukraine.

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