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The future is now: AI-Da has presented its works of art


The way he uses dots and lines is a bit like one and zero.

Artificial intelligence plays an important role in the development of all types of technologies. It can be combined with deep learning techniques to do amazing things that have the potential to improve our whole life. Things like learning how to safely control nuclear fusion or making delicious pizza.

One of the many questions about AI is its use in art. There is no denying that AI can have amazing skills when it comes to producing images. Nvidia’s GuaGan2, which can take words and turn them into photorealistic images, is an example of this. Or Ubisoft’s ZooBuilder AI, which is a prototype for animating animals.

The next question when it comes to the art of AI is whether or not it can be considered truly creative, which is addressed in the expedition of the world’s first humanoid robotic artist. Discovered by Creative Boom (via IFLScience), the paintings from the Ai-Da robot are on display at the Giardini during the 59th International Art Exhibition and are much cooler than I expected from an AI.

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This is an important moment for the art of AI, ”said Priya Khanchandani, head of curatorial design at the Design Museum in London, for Creative Boom. “Ai-Da’s work raises questions about whether robots can be truly creative.”

ai-da portrait

“How can a robot be an artist?”

Ai-Da’s works are painted using a specially made painting arm, combined with cameras located in the robot’s eyes. Together with the IA algorithm, this allows Ai-Dei to create works of art with a truly unique look. The finished work is almost reminiscent of old printing techniques, but what is really interesting is that it seems to use a combination of lines and dots. Almost like 1 and 0 in binary, which is a pretty great interpretation of how an AI artist could see the world.

The exhibition entitled Leaping into the Metaverse includes a series of four portraits, all painted by Ai-Da. These include a self-portrait and one of Mary Shelly, who is undoubtedly the mother of Sci-Fi, who created one of the oldest examples of the genre with the novel Frankenstein.

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Whether or not you consider Ai-Da the artist behind these works or just the people who worked on her, is something worth thinking about. Can a machine create or use only the culmination of its programs and experiences? What makes people really different?

Ai-Da has only one answer, which is an appropriate technical understanding for an AI, but just as difficult to argue.

“How can a robot be an artist? Art and artists have many definitions. In terms of creativity, using the criteria of university professor Margaret Boden, I am creative because my work is new, surprising and valuable because it stimulates debate and interest. ”

You can see more of Ai-Da’s artwork, including other styles of paintings and sculptures, on the official website.

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