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The future meets the past: the robots guarding the city of Pompeii


I wonder if they are resistant to lava.

We’ve seen him dance, try, and sometimes fail in parkour, and we’ve generally feared for our future because of them, but now Boston Dynamics robots are doing something new.

The official Pompeii website says that Boston Dynamics robots are now helping to protect the ancient city. Dogs, often known as Spot, are ready to help monitor the city for signs of erosion, damage and even potential thieves. They will do this with the help of drones flying over them to provide information, as well as with human archaeologists and security teams, of course.

Despite my fear of robots in positions of power, the juxtaposition of futuristic dog robots patrolling the city devastated by the volcanic eruption creates a futuristic landscape. He can’t help but think of Fallout or Assassin’s Creed games.

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An interesting project

Pompeii is a fairly well-preserved ancient city, especially after the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. It is believed that the sudden eruption buried the city before major damage could be caused. Efforts have been made since then to preserve this amazing piece of history, and if robots can help well, I think it’s okay.

Basically, we have a complex robot that can traverse multiple surfaces and be able to monitor the ruins. It has cameras and scanners and can be equipped with other tools to help with tasks. All this is part of the Smart Archaeological Park initiative in the Pompeii Archaeological Park to integrate the technology for the care of the site.

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These skills extend even to the ability to track down tomb raiders based on the footprints they leave in their activities. Most such robberies in Pompeii take place in small caves through which people sneak. They are dangerous, dark and not easy to handle, especially for humans.

For a robot dog, these tunnels should be a leisurely walk. Although these robots cost about $ 75,000 a piece, they could become the new target for people who want to make quick money from the ruins of Pompeii.

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