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The giant Apple, suspected of unfair competition: what the European Commission has transmitted


The European Commission is pulling Apple’s ears and suspects it of abuse, but also of competition that can be classified as unfair.

Specifically, the European Commission has sent Apple its position on the slightly “unorthodox” practices that the giant would practice, in the desire to gain a monopoly on the market, when we talk about mobile wallets on iOS devices.

It seems that Apple does not know how to “play nicely with other children”, so it has introduced a limitation on access to the most common technology when making contactless payments, NFC (near field communication).

Instead, the company relied on its own technologies, which obviously created some restrictions, forcing application makers to reorient themselves in such a way as to rely on Apple Pay rather than others.

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Obviously, to fix the problem, Apple could take hardware and software solutions out of the safe, which are currently inaccessible.

The European Commission has taken note of Apple’s practices

Therefore, the European Commission has announced that it has taken note of Apple’s practices and has suggested that it will conduct further investigations in the near future to confirm these suspicions. If it turns out that the information is 100% true, Apple risks falling under the law, in terms of legislation in the European Union.

“Mobile payments are playing a rapidly growing role in our economy. It is important for the integration of European payment markets that consumers benefit from a competitive and innovative payment system. We have indications that Apple has restricted third-party access to the key technology needed to develop rival mobile wallet solutions on Apple devices. In the objections, I found that Apple could have restricted competition in favor of its own solution, Apple Pay. If confirmed, such conduct would be illegal under EU competition law, “said European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

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