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The Hungarian giant that makes waves on the Romanian market: hundreds of millions invested in a field of the future


Astrasun is a Hungarian company that plans investments in Romania of approximately 320 million euros. The field of activity is the production of solar panels. The project was confirmed at the RESinvest 2022 conference.

No less than three factories will be built by Hungarians in the Turnu Măgurele area, intended mainly for the production of photovoltaic components and panels. All the equipment and materials used will be exclusively of European origin, said Astrasun CEO Attila Keresztes. “The total investment is about 320 million euros, the production of panels can start nine months after we solve with the financing”, the official mentioned.

Hungarian investment in Romania, on European funds

The center for the production of solar panels in Magurele will be built, in principle, with funds from Hungary, but the head of Astrasun hopes to receive European funds. Beyond this detail, the production capacity of the three factories will be between 1200 and 2000 MW of photovoltaic panels per year, depending on market demand and its structure. The difference will depend on the demand for solar roof panels or photovoltaic park panels, Keresztes said.

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Investment in the production of photovoltaic panels will come with massive employment in the region. When the factories are ready for production, about 700 people will be needed in various positions. Regarding the motivation for choosing the Turnu Măgurele region in particular and Romania in general, the director said that there is potential for growth in our country.

As for that corner of the Mioritic lands, the advantage lies in the infrastructure, but also in the access to the Danube, a detail that is reflected in an easier and more efficient transport. “This investment cannot be made in Hungary now,” concluded the director of Astrasun. As a reference, the company has a history of about 18 years in the market of renewable panels and specializes, among others, in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic parks.

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