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The law has changed for all Romanians, when it comes to documents: how to avoid fines, what you need to know


In recent weeks, several legislative changes have been made to the issuance and content of civil documents. The list includes birth, marriage and death certificates. If you are not careful, you risk either hefty fines or certain documents being canceled.

From now on, in Romania, parents are forbidden to give more than three first names to their children. If you plasticize the civil status documents, of any kind, they are automatically canceled, they lose their validity. These are just some of the peculiarities brought to the legislation on civil status documents by Law 105/2022.

What has changed with the documents of the Romanians

Laminating birth, marriage or death certificates leads to their cancellation. The modification or completion of the civil status documents mentioned without right has the same effect. Their nullity can be ascertained at any time by the civil status officers, the civil servants within the population records department or by the civil status officers within the diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania.

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Also in accordance with Law 105/2022, which is already being felt in Romania, parents can no longer name their children. The limit is three first names, in addition to the last name.

In terms of legislative simplifications, when it comes to the procedure for changing the name, no more legalized copies of the civil status documents are required, but only photocopies. Regardless of the reason you want the change in question, so far, due to the legalization of children, the costs of the procedure were significantly higher, and in the meantime, they have become lower. Also in the face of simplification, if a state representative has mistyped your name in a civil status certificate and you want to correct it, the request in this regard should no longer appear in the Official Gazette, as it was before.

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Last but not least, some changes have been made to the issue of a child’s birth certificate. As a general rule, the birth of a child must be declared within 30 days in the case of the child born alive, and within three days in the case of the child born dead. If the declaration of birth is made after these deadlines, but not later than one year after the birth, the birth certificate will be issued within 30 days of the parent’s request. If the birth declaration is made after one year from birth, the certificate will be issued within 90 days from the date of submission of the application, according to avocatnet.ro.

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