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The law was enacted: any employee or former employee can find out their information on their own, from Revisal, online


President Klaus Iohannis has just enacted the law on the online access of employees and former employees to their own data in the General Register of Employees – Revisal. On this occasion, you will see all the peculiarities regarding your salary, taxes paid to the state and more.

The normative act to be published in the Official Gazette brings some amendments and completions to article 34 of Law no. 53/2003 – Labor Code. Basically, the legal framework was created so that employees and former employees can access online the employee register to see the data regarding their own person.

What the law says, what employees can do

„The general register of employees is completed and sent to the territorial labor inspectorate in the order of employment and includes the identification elements of all employees, date of employment, position / occupation according to the specification of Classification of occupations in Romania or other normative acts, level and specialty of studies , the type of individual employment contract, the salary, the bonuses and their amount, the period and causes of suspension of the individual employment contract, the period of secondment and the date of termination of the individual employment contract ”, is shown in the document promulgated by the President of Romania.

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Although at the moment you cannot access the platform in online format, according to the law, it should not take long before the normative act is put into practice. The established legal term is 60 days from the date of entry into force of the law. “The general register of employees is accessible online for employees / former employees, regarding the data concerning them. The right of access is limited to viewing, downloading and printing this data, as well as to the online generation and downloading of an extract from the register “, the law stipulates.

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Thus, if you need a certificate of retirement or proof of seniority in work and / or in a particular specialty, you can prove it quickly, without having to interact with your current or former employer. An excerpt from Revisal that you can get online for free is enough.

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