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The minimum salary in Romania of 3000 lei, from June 1, for millions of Romanians: who are the privileged


From June 1, 2022, tomorrow, several million Romanians will enjoy the minimum wage in the economy a little higher than in other fields of activity. It is a jump to 3000 lei gross in the case of those who work in the food industry or in agriculture.

According to law 135/2022, the minimum gross salary in agriculture and food industry will be, starting with June 1, 2022, equal to 3000 lei. Although the time of the increase falls on a day off from the state, that is the time from which the increase must be calculated. The current situation is similar to the increase in the minimum gross wage from 1 January 2022, another day off. Returning to the law targeting employees in the two industries, the law was enacted by President Klaus Iohannis and published in the Official Gazette.

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Other financial benefits for millions of Romanians

Also from June 1, 2022, state taxes, income taxation for people in agriculture and the food industry will decrease. For example, from 2550 lei per month, the value of the minimum gross salary per country, to 2750 lei per month, will no longer be due income tax and mandatory social contributions, according to data provided by government officials.

The new measure will also benefit those who have been engaged in the period between the date of entry into force of the emergency ordinance and until December 31, 2022, inclusive. In their case, the level of the basic monthly salary, established according to the individual employment contract, without including bonuses or other additions, will be 2750 lei. It is important to note that the formality detailed above, although it seems a significant novelty, has been applied for a long time in the field of construction.

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In order to know whether or not you qualify for these benefits, it is important to consider the CAEN activity code of the employing company. Thus, the following codes are included:

  1. CAEN code 01: agriculture, hunting and related services:
    011 cultivation of non-perennial plants;
    012 cultivation of plants from permanent crops;
    013 cultivation of plants for propagation;
    014 animal husbandry;
    015 activities on mixed farms (vegetable cultivation combined with animal husbandry);
    016 agricultural auxiliary activities and post-harvest activities;
  2. CANE 10: Food industry.

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