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The money in the account disappeared, instantly, in the case of many Romanians: the trick of cybercriminals that worked to the fullest


Cyber ​​attackers are becoming more and more efficient in leaving you without money in your account, even in Romania. The good news is that the authorities are becoming more and more effective in catching thieves. The bad part is that the arrest does not mean in any way the recovery of the financial damage suffered by ordinary Romanians.

During yesterday, the masked men carried out searches in the counties of Prahova and Constanța, at the homes of several people suspected of stealing money from the accounts of some citizens. At no time was it a common theft, but a computer mechanism that involves a bit of social engineering, and the number of victims is not small.

Charges against cybercriminals

According to the data provided by the authorities, the arrested suspects are accused of forming an organized criminal group, computer fraud, illegal access to a computer system, carrying out financial operations fraudulently, altering the integrity of computer data and money laundering. If the warrants issued so far are sufficient, we are talking about 13 people. Following the searches, several computer systems, goods and documents were seized.

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“Research has shown that, at the beginning of 2021, in Prahova and Constanţa counties, an organized criminal group was set up, specialized in committing crimes in the field of cybercrime. whose members have fraudulently obtained the identification data of several bank cards, issued by Romanian banking institutions, as a result of sending notifications, regarding the updating of these data, on the e-mail addresses of the injured persons and the redirection to web pages, which, in appearance, seemed to be transmitted by the banking units “, it is shown in a DIICOT communiqué.

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As for the victims, they were left without money in their bank accounts, after several amounts were debited to them, through successive transfers to certain accounts, held and controlled by criminals. Four of the suspects were detained for 24 hours, three others are under judicial control for 60 days, while a judge of rights and freedoms from the Prahova Court was notified of the proposal to take pre-trial detention for the detainees.

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