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The multidisciplinary festival Unfinished returns in offline format and explores the concept of decentralization, under the off-center theme PHOTO

Unfinished festival

Photo source: Festival Unfinished

The seventh edition of the UNFINISHED multidisciplinary festival will take place between September 29 and October 2 and will take place simultaneously online, on its own platform, Sessions, and offline in the satellite spaces of the University House, but also in several central points in Bucharest .

With a community from over 71 countries, UNFINISHED22 means 4 days of workshops, performances, conversations, art installations and experiences, brought together under the theme of off-center, with the role of exploring forms of a decentralized future.

Cristian Movilă, the founder of UNFINISHED, believes that “now is the best time to question the infrastructure of which we are a part. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the decentralization of the Internet/web3 and the economy, but we want to address the concept of off-center in a much broader sense. What would geographic, cultural, economic decentralization look like? What about decentralization in the media, in science, in health? In fact, in all aspects of life. We have many ideas, many systems to experiment with, but also many questions and uncertainties, and we want to answer some of them and present as many perspectives as possible during the four days of the festival. We will be thousands of people in the same room, with different opinions, with different backgrounds, with different values, but we will exchange knowledge on a peer-to-peer basis. It will be a transformative experience.”

Cristian Movilă - founder of Unfinished

From Thursday to Sunday, UNFINISHED’s daily “menu” starts with morning yoga or jogging sessions, continues with conversations, presentations and round tables and ends with performances and keynotes. To these are added the famous family-style meals with the community, art installations, musical moments, dance workshops, speed-dating sessions and much more.

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Unlike previous years, the current edition is a hybrid and decentralized one, taking place simultaneously online and offline, in several central points of Bucharest, which will join the epicenter of the festival – the Casa Universitarilor and its satellite spaces in the garden.

Capucine Gros, the artistic director of the festival, says that “during the two years with restrictions we learned a lot about online, and this year is the first time that we can really combine the two experiences. I think it will be the first hybrid event in the true sense of the word. That is, our online world, hosted by our own platform, Sessions, is a true mirror of our offline universe. The platform has exactly the same design as the spaces where the event takes place in Bucharest so that our community, regardless of how they participate, can experience an UNFINISHED as real as possible.”

Capucine Gros artistic director Unfinished festival

As every year, participation costs time and commitment. The only way to enter UNFINISHED is to complete an application, in which those interested must tell about themselves, their values ​​and motivation and what they bring to the festival with their presence. The registration session will open at the end of July, on the website www.unfinished.ro, and 3141 physical participants and 13,000 online will be accepted.

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Held under the high patronage of the European Parliament, UNFINISHED is the first multidisciplinary festival in Romania and was created by the Eidos Foundation as an experience in continuous evolution. Since 2016, Unfinished has had over 250 guests including Pixar co-founder Alvy Ray Smith, Louis Vuitton menswear artistic director Virgil Abloh, multi-award winning artist Marina Abramovic, Obama administration digital strategist, musician Nicolas Jaar and Esther Perel, the most famous psychotherapist specializing in couple relationships.

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