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The National Network of Museums in Romania organizes the “Night of Museums in the villages”. When will the first edition take place?


“The first edition will take place in 2023, probably in September, and will be addressed exclusively to museums, collections and memorial houses located in communes and villages in Romania, some subordinated to public institutions (museum complexes, county museums, etc.). or others from the private or non-governmental environment “, wrote on Facebook on Tuesday, Dragoş Neamu, the coordinator of the Department of cultural projects and international relations of RNMR.

The edition will be held in partnership with organizations active in capitalizing on rural cultural heritage, which have developed projects for the benefit of village museums, in principle, the event will maintain the logic of promotion and representation that RNMR practices on the occasion of Museum Night.

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“RNMR member museums and not only those that own memorial houses or museums in rural areas are asked to participate with all these museum entities in the first edition to ensure the success of the project from the beginning phase. There are no restrictions for these museums to participate in the classic edition of the Museum Night in May “, states Neamu.

The idea of ​​this project is to invigorate and capitalize on the collections of museums in rural areas and to make them much better known to the general public.

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“We also aim to create cultural habits that will contribute to increasing the degree of tourist attractiveness of the rural environment. There are many such museum entities active in the world of communes and villages in Romania, about which, unfortunately, no one has heard “, Dragoş Neamu also states.

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