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The new attempt at fraud that makes waves on the internet: it leaves you with no money in your account and more


Nothing is more important in 2022 on the internet than reading 2-3 times before you click once. Not for nothing, but online fraud is hidden in a seemingly infinite number of corners of the globe.

At the same time, nothing is sadder than the situation in which a trade giant on the Romanian market is in a position to issue a press release to encourage Romanians to be ten times more cautious in opening any link. . He will not hide unsuspected treasures, vouchers, holiday tickets, money or anything else he seems to promise.

Kaufland, in the midst of a cyber security scandal

Many Romanians have come to access a link like the one below in a viral message online via WhatsApp. If what he promised you were true, he should take you to an online questionnaire and give you a chance to win a gift card worth 2000 lei. Unfortunately, exactly that series of malicious messages is now the subject of a warning from Kaufland Romania.

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“Kaufland celebrates its 54th anniversary with limited raffle gifts,” the message read by many Romanians. But the contest is as fake as can be. In vain do you open links to mugualty.top/kaufland-de, silencetribute.top/kaufland-de, luncheonlimp.top/kaufland-de, telleringral.top/kaufland-de, falsehorfume.top/kaufland-de and ministerialseduce.top/kaufland- of. None of them are authentic and have nothing to do with any real raffle. None.

Kaufland asks Romanian internet users not to participate in such contests and not to access those links. The risks behind it are very real. “Kaufland Romania categorically rejects such ways of promotion. At the same time, Kaufland is taking all necessary measures to prevent the spread of this attempted fraud “, announces the retailer.

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