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The new option in Google Chrome that will make your life easier: how you can pay


Chrome Browser brings a new feature. Specifically, it will provide an option through which users will be able to generate virtual cards, with which to make online payments.

According to The Verge, the reason is to avoid exposing bank card information. Google has announced that it will work with major bank card issuers and networks, such as Visa and Mastercard, to generate virtual cards that can be used for online payments instead of real cards. In addition, for credit cards saved in Google Pay, the Chrome browser will automatically generate virtual cards. Specifically, when an online payment needs to be made, virtual card data will be used instead of bank card data.

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Chrome introduces virtual cards

This way, if data is intercepted or stolen as a result of a cyber attack, bank cards will not be affected. Virtual cards will be valid for a single transaction. They will be generated again and again for each payment made.

This way, the user will not have to remember and fill in the data associated with the virtual cards, because they will be generated and filled in automatically by the autofill system in the browser.

The feature will be available in the summer, on Android, but only in the United States, at first. According to Google, availability will be extended, and this option will reach the iPhone.

Chrome is set to improve significantly in 2022 after discovering two vulnerabilities that put you at risk. The two vulnerabilities recently discovered on Chrome have caused concern both among users and developers, who have tried and apparently, according to the statements, managed to “kick them in the foot” with a new update. meant to bring you extra security when surfing the internet.

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Of the two threats, it was found that CVE-2022-1364 is by far the most serious of them, being, broadly speaking, a 0-day security breach. Following the analysis, it was said that this breach was exploited for a long time by several groups of hackers, through it modifying data or executing an arbitrary code.

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