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The next step towards globalization and inclusion: Snapchat teaches you sign language


Snapchat does not seem to have completed its mission to teach its users how to communicate using sign language. In fact, recently, it has also brought some updates in this regard, aimed at improving the system.

The social media service introduced ASL Alphabet Lens, which, as the name suggests, significantly expands the experience of learning sign language (valid for English speakers, but also for those who understand).

So, if you want to do this, you can still learn how to spell your name using individual letters. In addition, from now on you will also be able to practice the ASL alphabet, but also to have fun with two interactive games that are meant to test your accumulated knowledge.

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Snapchat helps people with hearing impairments, but also all those who want to learn sign language

As before, Snapchat uses SignAll’s AI technology (including computer vision and machine learning) to recognize your hand gestures. The company relied exclusively on members of a team of people with hearing impairments to set up the project so that the notion of perfection can be reached as quickly as possible.

You can use the target on Android and iOS either by scanning the Snapcode code or by searching for “ASL Alphabet” in Lens Explorer. For Snapchat, the goal remains the same: to use augmented reality to help more people communicate online and, of course, to expand Snapchat’s audience in this process designed to bring us all, regardless of disability, together.

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It can be said that this new step, which the social network has taken, is an important one, since it facilitates the inclusion of people with hearing impairments. In other words, from now on, it becomes much easier for anyone with such a disability to be able to communicate with anyone they want, but vice versa.

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