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The offshore law has received a favorable report


The offshore law received a favorable report in the specialized commissions of the Chamber of Deputies. The project will unblock the exploitation of Black Sea gas.

Four deputies voted against the report and the rest voted in favor, according to Mediafax.

After the meeting ended, the Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu, should have given a press statement, but this was canceled because he was being followed by the AUR leader, the deputy George Simion.

“I am escorting him outside. He’s a thief. The thief, the Minister of Energy “, said George Simion.

The Minister of Energy tried to leave the elevator, but George Simion accompanied him, continuing to address insulting words. Later, Popescu went elsewhere, followed by Simion.

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The bill will be voted on in the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday.

Last week, the bill was approved by the Senate, with 91 votes in favor and 13 against.

“PSD had to come to power again for this law to be debated and to be… together with those in the current governing coalition. We look at the initiators and see that the leaders are all present there, together with the Minister of Energy, which gives a guarantee that this law is good for the citizens of Romania. It needs to be adopted today because we have a war near Romania, we need gas. It means one billion cubic meters per year “, said during the debates Radu Oprea (PSD).

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He states that the money collected from the application of the Offshore Law will go to the local communities.

“The importance of this law comes from the fact that it will unblock the exploitation of gases in the Black Sea. We live in a rather complicated geopolitical context, and companies must be guaranteed stability and predictability. This law has tried to solve this problem. The Romanian state is taking an important step in energy stability. We can soon become an important player on the energy market in Europe “, said Sorin Ioan Bumb (PNL).

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