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The pensioner who tries to change Romania, but is ignored: he created the gadget that lowers your current bill


We have all been affected by recent price increases, especially those of electricity. A retiree from Pitesti comes up with a solution to reduce the current bill: an innovative gadget.

Doru Roșca, a retiree from Pitești, is a former economic director at Colibași Penitentiary. He pursued his passion for the exact sciences and patented several inventions. His latest invention can help household consumers, as well as large energy-consuming companies in Romania. However, unfortunately, the Romanian state authorities ignore him.

Thus, the devices patented by him were designed years ago just for a moment like this. Micro hydropower plants and increasing wind power by using compressed air are one step closer.

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An innovative gadget created by a Romanian pensioner lowers your current bill

In an interview for Impact.ro, Doru Roșca proposes a device that would solve the problems of farmers and the extractive industry.

“The device can extract oil from a depth of 10 kilometers, with a saving 20 times higher than in conventional systems. It is capable of pushing a 10 km column at a pressure of 1000 bar. With this, they can drill for water in the Cotmeana platform (the driest area in Argeș) and can extraordinarily reduce production costs. They can lift up to 1800 cubic meters per hour, at any height they want, with a 50% lower energy consumption. There are many large farmers who have already drilled, but it costs a lot. With that, it’s almost free. Maintenance would cost, after several years, a modest price “, he says in the interview.

Source: Impact.ro

This device that could reduce your electricity bill costs only two thousand euros.

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All these inventions of Doru Roșca can go into series production at any time and could reach the market at the latest in autumn. You can see more inventions of the pensioner from Pitesti in the clip below.

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