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The people of the Kharkov area are in solidarity with the difficulties caused by the invasion


Residents of the Kharkov area show solidarity with the forces caused by the invasion caused by Russian forces almost 3 months ago.
The only 10 residents left in the commune, an apartment complex in the eastern Ukrainian town of Slatyne, share the hardships of the Russian invasion, from the relentless fire and Russian explosions to the lack of energy and running water.
Inside the gloomy, filthy house of Vera Filipova, blackened pots are everywhere in the cluttered kitchen, and wrinkled blankets sit on untidy beds, according to Reuters.
“It’s like hell,” the 65-year-old retired official told Reuters. She lives with her friend Nataliya Parkamento, a former shoe factory worker who moved after her own house was destroyed.

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The people of Kharkov only have the solution to show solidarity after suffering a massive invasion in February

This block is largely intact – unlike many buildings in Slatyne. The commune escaped direct blows from nearby fighting following a Ukrainian counteroffensive that drove Russian troops from the city of Kharkov in the past two weeks.
But Filipova and Parkamento have both humanitarian aid to eat once a day. They cook outside over an open fire, broken wood, which they take out of other destroyed houses, guarding the rain flames with corrugated cement sheets thrown from the roofs in the area.

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Ukrainian troops recaptured numerous settlements in the northern and eastern cities of Kharkov, the second largest city in Ukraine.

Army officials said they had recaptured the village of Ruska Lozova, north of the city, despite “losses,” according to CNN, according to epicnews.ro.

Ukrainian troops also take control of Verkhyna Rohanka village near Kharkov

The Ukrainian military also took control of the village of Verkhyna Rohanka, east of Kharkov.

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