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The Republic of Moldova received financial and political support in Berlin in the context of the war in Ukraine


The international conference on the creation of the Support Platform for the Republic of Moldova, co-chaired on Tuesday in Berlin by Germany, France and Romania, ended with a commitment for a financial assistance package of over 695 million euros and for providing political support to the Republic of Moldova in the context generated by the war in Ukraine.

The conference was attended by about 50 delegations from international organizations and about 30 countries. Donors, including EU countries, the United States, Canada, Japan, the World Bank and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), have also agreed to take on about 12,000 of the approximately 100,000 Ukrainian refugees in Moldova.

Of the total 659.5 million euros of the promised financial assistance, 108.2 million represent non-reimbursable amounts and about 530 million lines of credit.

“Our message is clear: (Republic of) Moldova is not alone,” German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock told EFE, who presented the results of the conference with her French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian to the press. with the Romanian Foreign Minister, Bogdan Aurescu, and the Moldovan Prime Minister, Natalia Gavriliţa.

Germany, which holds the rotating presidency of the G7 states, has pledged a 50m-euro loan to Moldova.

Annalena Baerbock expressed Natalia Gavriliţa’s “gratitude” for the solidarity shown by the Republic of Moldova, a country which, despite its fragile economy, has the highest rate of Ukrainian refugees per capita.

At the end of March, after the visit of Annalena Baerbock to Chisinau, the transfer of the first groups of refugees from the Republic of Moldova to Germany began, thus establishing what the head of German diplomacy described as a “humanitarian airlift”.

On the other hand, Germany has the support of France and Romania for a “sustainable partnership platform” with the Republic of Moldova, Annalena Baerbock also mentioned, but without specifying its concrete dimension.

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However, she noted, according to AFP, that this aid would mark “the beginning of a sustainable support platform for (the Republic of) Moldova” and that it would be followed by aid for electricity supply, border management and political reforms.

“We know that this is not just about the (Republic of) Moldova or Ukraine – it is about Europe and our common freedom,” Baerbock told a news conference.

Prime Minister Natalia Gavriliţa highlighted Moldova’s aspirations to become a member of the EU, but also her country’s vulnerability to Russia, given both the common border with Ukraine and the frozen conflict in the pro-Russian separatist region of Transnistria.

“Moldova is the most vulnerable of Ukraine’s neighbors. Today, Moldova needs good friends and reliable partners “, the head of the government from Chisinau underlined, according to agerpres.ro.

Natalia Gavriliţa called for support for the diversification of energy sources, and international aid to the Republic of Moldova is also intended to free the country from dependence on energy resources imported from Russia. Baerbock and Le Drian, whose country holds the six-month presidency of the EU Council, pledged their support in this regard, but again without specifying concrete actions. For energy independence, it would be necessary to interconnect with the European Union, through Romania.

During the opening speech of the conference, Minister Bogdan Aurescu announced that the Romanian government is preparing an additional package of non-reimbursable financial assistance for the benefit of the Republic of Moldova worth 10 million euros.

The head of the Romanian diplomacy reminded the non-reimbursable assistance amounting to 100 million euros that is to be implemented through development projects based on the Agreement signed by the prime ministers Nicolae Ciucă and Natalia Gavriliţa.

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The Republic of Moldova finds support for what the war in Ukraine generated on the states in the region

He also mentioned the granting by Romania, in the context of the current crisis, of a total assistance of 3.8 million euros, which consists of 5,000 tons of fuel oil to support the energy security of the Republic of Moldova and in significant amounts of fuels.

The Romanian Minister also mentioned the humanitarian transports that were carried out with basic necessities and the organization of green corridors for the direct takeover in Romania, by road and rail, of Ukrainian refugees from the Republic of Moldova.

Bogdan Aurescu supported the imperative to support the Republic of Moldova in building energy security and called for the mobilization of “robust” financial assistance from the international community to enable the Chisinau authorities to manage the energy crisis, stabilize public finances and support the reform objectives of the Chisinau. the current Government, such as consolidating the rule of law, modernizing public institutions and raising the standard of living of the population.

For his part, the European Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement, Oliver Varhelyi, announced at the conference the provision of an additional financial assistance of 53 million euros for the Republic of Moldova, in addition to the emergency assistance of 158 million euros already provided by the Republic of Moldova. EU of the Republic of Moldova.

The second ministerial conference of the Support Platform for the Republic of Moldova is to be held in Bucharest.

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