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The secret code on the phone, * # 06 # – what happens when you type it, what helps


Smartphones have certain features and options hidden from their users. Any such phone, but also a tablet can contain the secret code that can take you to a hidden menu, being also the case of the code * # 06 #.

Operators of the operating system running on your mobile phone have implemented some secret codes that help them get to certain features of the devices faster. These secret codes can be a combination of keys that, once accessed, can take you to a place that is not available for everyday use.

Thus, hidden features show users some essential information about their device. Depending on the operating system running on them, there are several combinations of numbers, letters, and special characters that usually help specialists troubleshoot them.

Most of the time, these secret codes are universal and work on most mobile phones and tablets running recent versions of the Android operating system, but also for devices running iOS, Apple’s famous system, according to Impact.ro.

However, some codes will not offer any option due to the fact that in the case of those phone models, this feature is not implemented. Even if you may think it’s complicated at first, all you have to do is enter the calls menu, type in that combination, and then the information will be revealed to you.

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But don’t forget that these codes are not used in the same way as a normal application, and experts warn that using a combination can even lead to resetting your phone and losing the data you had on your device until then. So don’t try to type random combinations if you don’t know what they do.

A secure code is * # 06 #, and this is one of the most used and useful for users. After typing this code, you will notice that a new image will appear in which the IMEI 0 International Mobile Equipment Identity code will appear.

The secret code that you can use on your phone

This is the unique code that any phone has, and this code can be very useful in case your device is stolen or lost. At the same time, this code can reveal to you whether the phone is an original or a counterfeit one, in case you choose to buy a used phone.

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In the case of phones, these secret codes can be entered into the caller. With tablets, however, things are a little different, especially if they are not equipped with a SIM card. Thus, you will have to download the “secret codes revealer” application, a free application.

As for the most useful key combinations, they are able to give you information about the device, while others are a shortcut to the various functions it has. An example in this snes is more detailed information about Wi-Fi signal, battery, usage statistics.

For devices running the Android operating system, you can use the code * # * # 4636 # * # *. If you want to reset the device to its factory settings, which means deleting all applications and data stored on it, you can use the code * # * # 7780 # * #.

While Android users can boast of a long list of such codes, those using iOS have only a few such codes. However, even on an iPhone, the code * # 06 # will work without problems, being able to show you the IMEI code of the iPhone.

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