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The show “Enmity. There is something healing in giving people an object of their hatred”, in One World Romania


New performances of one of the most acclaimed productions created / Teatrelli, “Enmity 2.0”, text and direction: Gabriel Sandu, an interdisciplinary show that brings to the fore themes related to ethics and the process of creating a documentary film, take place in during the One World Romania film festival on May 17 and 18, at Teatrelli (Lahovari Square, No. 7), the price of a ticket being 43.8 lei.

„Enmity v.2.0. There is something healing in giving people an object of their hatred “, written and directed by Gabriel Sandu, is an interdisciplinary show, with a strong video component, which questions how true and how fictional it is in the genre of documentary film and explores what it happens on an individual level when complicated stories are presented to the public in a simplified or even manipulative way. The performances scheduled for the One World Romania documentary film festival, the 15th edition, are scheduled for May 17 and 18, starting at 19.00. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbook, the price of a ticket being 43.8 lei. The show is played at Teatrelli (Lahovari Square, No. 7).
The production brings to the fore three contradictory characters, linked by a traumatic past: Ioana (Mihaela Teleoacă), a member of the former security, Nicolae Ceausescu’s speech therapist and the man behind the dictator’s speeches, who becomes the main character of a documentary film signed by Alina (Oana Puşcatu). Between the two is Andrei (Alex Mirea), Ioana’s nephew, a young man full of artistic talent, but marked by an anti-social path and loneliness, being raised exclusively by his grandmother. Everything takes an unexpected turn when Alina’s documentary film wins a major award. Following the visibility and attention that the event generates, the lives of the three characters change for good, and the public is revealed the traumatic past that binds them.
One World Romania (OWR) is the first documentary film festival in Bucharest and the only one dedicated to human rights in Romania. The 15th edition of the festival takes place on May 13-22 and will focus on the notion of ecology applied not only to the environment, but also to the human mind and body.
“I love documentaries and have been going to profile festivals for many years. In such a festival, a few years ago, I came up with the idea of ​​a show about a documentary filmmaker and the ethics of making such a film, about the power dynamics between the one who represents and the one represented. At one of the pre-events One World Romania, a festival where I watch as many movies as possible every year, my thoughts flashed: what better audience to show a show about a documentary filmmaker and the process of creating a documentary than the one from OWR15? I am glad that we are playing in a festival that I really appreciate and I hope that film lovers will come to our performances “, director Gabriel Sandu declared for the press.
The show “Enemy v.2.0. There is something healing in giving people an object of their hatred ”is also selected in the prestigious Sibiu International Theater Festival (FITS), where it will be presented on June 28, complete information and tickets being available at this link.

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Teatrelli is a project of the Center for Creation, Art and Tradition of Bucharest – created. As an alternative cultural space dedicated to the performing arts, Teatrelli is developing, from the point of view of the curatorial strategy, in an artistic laboratory with the public, focused on innovative theater and dance productions, series of work in progress performances, as well as dialogues. cultural. The modular structure of the hall allows each new show to change the set-up of the space, inviting the audience to discover new ways to experience and receive the theater.

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Enmity v.2.0. There is something healing about giving people an object of their hatred
Text and direction: Gabriel Sandu
With: Mihaela Teleoacă, Oana Puşcatu, Alex Mirea
Video: Ana Cârlan
Set design: Raluca Alexandrescu
Music: Xenti Runceanu
Light design: Stefan Vasilescu

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