Home News The US confiscates two planes from Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich

The US confiscates two planes from Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich


The US Ministry of Justice on Monday ordered the confiscation of two planes belonging to the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, claiming that they were used in violation of sanctions adopted against Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, reports AFP.

The ministry explained in legal documents that the two aircraft, a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner and a Gulfstream G650ER, had flown into Russian territory after the introduction of US export regulations on March 2.

The two planes, worth more than $ 400 million, are of American origin, and their owner, billionaire Roman Abramovich, ordered them to fly to Russia in March without requiring a special re-export license, according to the ministry.

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“The controls of the Ministry of Commerce on exports and re-exports are solid and must be respected. This is an important component of the American strategy to deprive Russia of the means to supply its illegal war “, explained Andrew Adams, the director of the team called KleptoCaptură, according to agerpres.ro.

US takes two planes from Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich with a team of ten prosecutors and investigators

The team, which includes ten prosecutors and investigators from several U.S. departments, is tasked with investigating violations of sanctions against Moscow after the invasion of Ukraine and organizing the confiscation of oligarchs’ property.

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“In the short term, the goal of this team is to demonstrate the strict application of the sanctions regime and to encourage people close to the Kremlin to distance themselves from the Russian state, which continues to accelerate the war,” added Andrew Adams.

The US Ministry of Justice has not indicated where the two planes are currently located.

The former owner of the Chelsea football club was not placed on the list of personalities sanctioned by the USA.

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