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The Waze change you need to know, especially if you’re an Apple fan


Five years after Waze first added Spotify, Google’s navigation app is finally accepting Apple Music.

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From now on, you can use Waze’s built-in audio controls to play, pause, and switch between songs in your iPhone’s Apple Music library, according to Waze. This means you don’t have to switch between apps when you’re trying to drive to a destination you’ve never been to before.

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Prior to this announcement, Apple Music was, in fact, the last major music streaming application that did not include integration with Waze. Over the years, Google has added support for a long list of smaller services, including Pandora, Deezer and iHeart Radio.

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Prior to this Waze announcement, it was even possible to listen to audiobooks and podcasts through Audible and Stitcher integrations. All this is in the past now. And if you’re an Apple Music subscriber and have a passion for Waze, you’re probably happy to use the two apps together.

Waze walks you through the time machine and introduces retro themes: why the new option can be fun for us Romanians

Waze shows you, by definition, where to go to get to your desired destination, which routes are easier to practice, where the police are hidden, where there are traffic jams, but also which roads are blocked (for various reasons).

We can’t know if when he invented the new option, the application thought of Romania, but in the spirit of a joke, we can guess that yes. It is enough to look at the state of the roads in our country and we will notice that they look more like some of the ’70s and’ 80s, with the difference that in those years they were new.

So, if you are a Romanian driver and you want the condition of the road you are going to match the Waze theme, find out that the giant now gives you this possibility, as it has introduced a series of new themes that you can use on your application, installed on your phone. .

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