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Three-quarters of Poles fear Russian aggression


Three-quarters of Poles fear a Russian aggression similar to the one committed against Ukraine.

This opinion is based on a survey conducted by the Polish Center for Public Opinion Research, taken over by the Western press.

According to this study, 73 percent of Poles are concerned about the security of their country. On the other hand, 29 percent of Poles believe “firmly” that Russia’s war in Ukraine is a threat to Poland’s security.

The concern of Polish citizens is visible even though their country is a member of NATO and the EU, both of which also offer military protection. Poland is one of the countries where a NATO Combat Group is installed.

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Russia is known to have attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Poland is one of the countries that has given the most support to Ukraine. There is also information about military support but this has not been officially confirmed. Poland has a land border with Ukraine as well as with Belarus. Many refugees have fled Ukraine to escape the war, and Poland has offered to help them.

On the other hand, migrants from Asia tried to enter Poland illegally from Belarus. In addition, Belarus is an allied country with Russia.

An aggression by Russia would be theoretically possible with the support of the Chechens

On the other hand, the Chechen leader Kadyrov has threatened to attack Poland at the behest of Russia. Kadyrov is a loyal ally of President Vladimir Putin and has already sent fighters to Ukraine.

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