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TikTok, a little more user-friendly: what option does the giant test, how does it help you


TikTok is testing a new feature that could allow users to scroll through in-app content without interface elements, such as usernames, subtitles, and audio information, which clutter the screen.

Clear Mode was first announced last week by former Next Web editor Matt Navarra, and TikTok confirmed to TechCrunch that it would test the feature on Tuesday to see if it could be maintained. , in the future.

Clear Mode could make TikTok users’ lives easier

The company did not give too many additional details or say when users might expect Clear Mode to be released for them as well, but if all goes according to expectations, you may soon be able to enjoy it too. of this option. As always, it is also worth noting that TikTok may ultimately decide not to implement the feature based on information that the company collects from users, especially if the response is predominantly negative.

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If you have already signed up for the test, you can access the Clear Mode by tapping on a clip and tapping the appropriate option. If implemented, the feature would also make life easier for content creators, as they would no longer have to reload videos that people want to take screenshots of.

Until now, TikTok users had to put a sequence in a “cropped” comment on a video because a caption or button hid part of a video they wanted to share.

TikTok has tested many of these types of enhancements to make your life easier in recent months. For example, some users have recently gained access to a viewing history feature that makes it easier to rediscover videos you’ve forgotten to appreciate at the right time.

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