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TikTok changes the rules of the game again: it will create even more addiction among children and teenagers


If TikTok did not already have a record number of users, the new titan of social networks already has a very clear plan to ensure its growth for years to come. It will introduce a completely new content type on the platform.

TikTok officials have begun integrating video mini-games into the mobile app of the same name, to keep your eyes on the screen even longer. This is just the first step in a transition to more and more complex games on the social network, where funny or weird clips didn’t do a good enough job of creating addiction.

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About a year ago, TikTok started a partnership with Zynga. Now, the results of that collaboration are beginning to be seen. In a limited test on users of the Vietnamese platform, a series of mini-video games began to be tested. According to Reuters data on the subject, this experiment is the first in a significantly more complex and lengthy transition to TikTok games.

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Officials behind the platform have confirmed that they have started testing HTML5 in-app games, both in collaboration with Zynga and other third-party developers. The ultimate intention is to launch as many titles as possible, more or less complex, all loaded with ads, in order to obviously increase their profits and the level of user interaction with the platform.

“We are constantly looking for ways to enrich our platform and regularly test new features and integration solutions that add value to our community,” a company spokesman told Reuters. Among the first games you can test on TikTok are Disco Loco 3D and Garden of Good. As a reference, TikTok currently has over one billion users globally and estimates $ 20 billion in ad revenue in 2022, more than Twitter and Snapchat combined.

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