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Traian Băsescu, the second trial with SPP to have security and protection again


Traian Băsescu has opened a second lawsuit against the Protection and Guard Service (SPP) at the Bucharest Court of Appeal, requesting the annulment of the decision by which the protection and guard device due to the former presidents was withdrawn.

This is the second trial opened by Traian Băsescu, after he previously asked the judges to suspend the effects of the SPP decision.

As head of state, between 2004 and 2014, Traian Băsescu enjoyed a number of privileges. Thus, he received for free a protocol villa on Gogol Street in Sector 1 of the Capital, he had an allowance and a protection and guard device from SPP.

Traian Basescu opens another lawsuit against SPP

Based on Law no. 406/2001, subsequently amended, the former presidents lose the right to these benefits if a court found by final decision that they had the quality of a Securitate employee or its collaborator.

As Traian Băsescu received in March, at the Supreme Court, a final decision that he was a collaborator of the Securitate, RA-APPS notified him that he has 60 days to leave the protocol villa, and on March 28, SPP announced that no longer benefits from the right to protection and security from the Service, according to stiridiaspora.ro.

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Traian Basescu has not yet left the protocol villa and has opened two lawsuits against SPP.

According to CNSAS, Traian Băsescu gave informative notes that would have led to the retention of a colleague from the Navy in the country.

The documents submitted to the court by CNSAS show that Băsescu had a liaison officer appointed by the former Securitate, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel, and that he gave two handwritten information notes.

According to CNSAS, during the collaboration with the Securitate, Traian Băsescu provided information denouncing activities contrary to the totalitarian communist regime, such as the intention to go abroad and relations with foreign citizens.

Traian Băsescu wants his privileges back, opening another lawsuit with SPP, right at the Bucharest Court of Appeal

Former President Traian Basescu wants his privileges back and is asking for this in court, where he has opened a case against the Protection and Guard Service (SPP). The parties are summoned on Thursday before the magistrates of the Bucharest Court of Appeal.

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Traian Băsescu is a plaintiff in the Bucharest Court of Appeal, and SPP is a defendant.

The former president asks the administrative and fiscal contentious court to suspend the execution of the administrative act no. 1029 / 28.03.2022.

The case was filed on April 28, a month after the former president of Romania was deprived of the privileges he had as head of state, following the final decision of the High Court of Cassation and Justice which established that Traian Băsescu he was a collaborator of the former security.

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