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Trump is demanding that the population be armed after the school massacre


Former President Donald Trump has called for “arming citizens” to fight “evil in our society,” which he said is behind the Texas elementary school massacre, AFP reports.

The Republican billionaire spoke in front of the most important American firearms lobby, which accidentally held its annual convention a few hundred miles from the city of Texas where the massacre in which 19 children were killed and two teachers, writes Agerpres.

“The existence of evil in our society is not a reason to disarm law-abiding citizens,” the former president said.

Donald Trump has accused his successor, Joe Biden, and the Democratic Party of politically exploiting “the tears of bereaved families” in trying to pass gun laws.

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In response to calls to limit the number of guns, conservatives come up with a counter-argument for better treatment of Americans’ mental health problems, which Donald Trump particularly insisted on Friday. The attacker was a “crazy out of control”, the former president estimated. “He will burn in hell,” he promised.

Donald Trump also called for increased security in American schools, suggesting the installation of “strong fences” and metal detectors in front of schools, as well as arming teachers.

A few minutes earlier, at the same National Rifle Association (NRA) convention, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz estimated that banning or confiscating weapons would increase crime. ”Many more single mothers would be assaulted, raped, or killed. in the subway, “he said.

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