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Turkey refuses to admit Sweden and Finland to NATO


President Recep Erdogan has warned that Turkey refuses to admit Sweden and Finland to NATO. The Ankara leader made the statement on Monday, May 16, 2022.

Erdogan made the statement just after it was announced that Sweden and Finland would send a delegation to Turkey to negotiate with the Ankara regime on whether to join the Atlantic Alliance. Erdogan stressed that it was useless for representatives of Sweden or Finland to come to Turkey to persuade him.

The Erdogan regime accuses the two Nordic countries of granting asylum to PKK members, which Turkey claims are a terrorist organization. Turkey also accuses Sweden and Finland of tolerating the presence of subordinates of the cleric Fethullah Gulen on their territory. In this regard, President Erdogan claims that he initiated the coup attempt in Turkey in 2015.

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Admission to Sweden and Finland must be accepted by all NATO members

“We will not give in to NATO’s membership” of Sweden and Finland, Erdogan warned, saying he would not accept them into NATO. “How can we trust them?” He asked himself.

Finland and Sweden are traditionally neutral countries. They demanded to join NATO after Russia attacked Ukraine.

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