Home News Ukraine has released images of a demining operation in the Kyiv region

Ukraine has released images of a demining operation in the Kyiv region


Ukraine has shown images of a large-scale demining operation in the Kyiv region, after several stretches of water should become usable again.

Ukrainian emergency services have inspected water areas in the Kyiv region and deactivated several explosives, the video released on Friday (May 27th) by the Ukrainian State Ministry of Emergency Situations appears.

Reuters could not independently verify the date, location, or authenticity of the video.
Pyrotechnicians picked up 150 explosives during a search of the country’s water areas, mostly in the Kyiv region, according to Ukraine’s State Emergency Service.

Ukraine has started a demining operation, right next to Kyiv, in the area of ​​Lake Blakytne to be used for swimming

The Blue Lake (Ukrainian: Blakytne) in the village of Horenka near Kyiv was at the epicenter of the bombing, and firefighters and divers from the State Emergency Services cleaned the lake before the start of the summer swimming season.

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During the two days of work, they collected 10 rounds of ammunition, including artillery shells, grenades from grenade launchers and explosive components from several rocket launchers.

Rescuers use an underwater drone to find the ammunition, then the pyrotechnic divers set to work, bringing it to the surface.

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