Home News Ukrainians have learned how to clean up mines in Kosovo

Ukrainians have learned how to clean up mines in Kosovo


Ukrainians have learned how to clear mines from Kosovo instructors after an almost one-month advanced training course.

A mixed troop of Ukrainian civilian and military personnel is in Kosovo and is learning how to clear mines during a four-week advanced training course.

The course is led by local instructors who participated in the clearing of tens of thousands of mines and cluster bombs dropped by Serbian forces who also left unexploded devices from NATO planes.

“The war in Ukraine is intensifying, but there is also a great need to clean up unexploded ordnance,” coach Hekuran Dula told Reuters.

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Ukrainians went to learn how to clear mines in Kosovo at a school of hundreds of demining cadets around the world

He works for the Mines Awareness Trust (MAT), a school that trains hundreds of cadets around the world as deminers each year after cleaning me up in Kosovo and other countries, including Iraq, Mozambique and Libya.

Army officials and representatives of the Ukrainian government say that all areas resumed after the Russian occupation have been planted with me, and Prime Minister Denys Shmygal estimates that a total of more than 115,000 square miles of territory will have to be cleared.

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