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Urgent Google warning for all Chrome users: huge “privacy failure”


Google has been accused of “fraudulently” collecting data from people using Chrome’s private browsing mode. The tech giant is facing a privacy lawsuit for failing to make Incognito Mode as anonymous as users might think.

The incognito mode is designed to save less information about what you do online, which means that things like history and cookies aren’t saved as they usually are, according to The Sun. But according to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Google has “misled” people into believing that they have “significant control” over data collection when browsing privately.

He says the Chrome option is used by people who think it provides privacy for things like “viewing very personal websites that might indicate, for example, their medical history, politics, or sexual orientation.”

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The charge against Google

“Or maybe they just want to buy a surprise gift without the recipient of the gift being informed of a wave of targeted ads,” he added. “In reality, Google fraudulently collects a number of personal data even when a user has activated Incognito mode.”

The owner of Google Alphabet denied the allegations, saying that they were based on inaccurate statements and outdated statements about our settings: “We’ve always integrated privacy features into our products and provided robust location checks,” said one representative.

“We strongly challenge these claims and will stand firm to clarify the record,” he added.

The case comes as Texas, Indiana, Washington State and the District of Columbia filed separate lawsuits against Google in state courts in January for what they called misleading location tracking practices that invade user privacy.

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This is General Paxton’s fifth lawsuit against Google. His most recent amended petition adds Incognito mode to a previous geolocation lawsuit against the company.

“The tech giant is still working hard to collect and monetize the location and other personal information that users are trying to keep private,” he said.

“I will not allow Google to deceive Texans.”

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