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VanMoof is preparing new e-bike models: when the S5 and A5 appear


VanMoof is updating its basic range of electric bicycles for the first time in two years. There are two new models designed for different use cases.

The company created the S5 for longer trips. He resumed the right frame to increase the height of the travel position. It is for riders between 165 and 210 cm in height. There are larger wheels, 27.5 inches, and the basic electric bike weighs 23 kg.

As for the A5, it is designed more for shorter journeys and city trips. It has an angled frame with a lower step-in and is for riders between 155 and 200 cm in height. It has 24-inch wheels and weighs 22 kg. There is support for both rear and front mounts

The front one is designed to carry up to 10 kg and has an elastic cord to secure the items. Both bikes can be equipped with rear mounts. The regular shelf is designed for loads up to 15 kg, while the option for heavy loads should comfortably support up to 27 kg.

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VanMoof has upgraded the engine for both bikes. With the 250 W, 5 V Gen 5 motor, the company says that these models will offer the smoothest movements. The engine has an e-shifter, torque sensor and integrated battery. The improved Turbo Boost will deliver 68 Nm of torque compared to 59 Nm in S3 in 2020.


An update required

Both bikes have a permanent battery of 26 cells, 47V, although there are small differences. The S5 has a capacity of 487Wh, while the A5 has a capacity of 463Wh. At full power and in economy mode, the S5 will offer a range of up to 150 km, while the A5 has a range of up to 140 km. You can extend them up to 140 km with the click-on battery.

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Using the Gen 5 charger, you will be able to charge the battery to 50% capacity in two and a half hours and fully in six hours and 30 minutes. The charger shortens those times considerably. You will be able to raise your e-bike battery to half its capacity in one hour and to 100% in four and a half hours.

New for the S5 and A5 is an interface with LED display integrated in the handlebars. There is also a phone holder with a USB-C charging port.

Anti-theft technology includes a 5th generation blow lock that you can arm with a push of the foot. It will unlock automatically on return. VanMoof is working on certification for Apple Find My support.

The S5 and A5 are both more expensive than the S3 and X3, which cost $ 2,448. Each will cost EUR 2,498.

The company did not mention when it will deliver the new models.

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