Home News VIDEO: Cable car incident – 50 tourists were stranded at height

VIDEO: Cable car incident – 50 tourists were stranded at height


Indian helicopter rescuers lifted the last of the nearly 50 passengers stranded in the air following a fatal collision between 12 cable cars, police said.

One person was killed and another was shot dead when he tried to get on a rescue helicopter, a police officer from Deoghar district in Jharkhand state told Reuters.

Most of the nearly 50 tourists in the hanging cable cars were rescued. But three of them were not picked up safely until Tuesday, the Deoghar police chief said.

The cable cars collided when one of them partially detached from the cable, authorities said. None of the cable cars fell, but they remained immobilized. The cable car took the pilgrims to the top of a hill called Trikut, which the Hindus considered sacred.

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