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VIDEO: China and Russia veto new sanctions against North Korea


A US-led initiative to impose more sanctions on North Korea was rejected on Thursday by a veto by China and Russia. The veto has publicly divided the UN Security Council for the first time since it began punishing Pyongyang in 2006.

The Security Council split for the first time since 2006, when North Korea launched its first nuclear test.

US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said she was disappointed but not surprised: “I have been circulating a draft resolution for nine weeks. Meanwhile, the countries that opposed the veto of this resolution refused to commit to the text, despite our commitment to inclusion and flexibility during the consultations. “

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Among other restrictions, the resolution banned exports of oil and tobacco to North Korea. The country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is a heavy smoker.

The resolution also blacklisted a group of hackers called the Lazarus group. As for Russia, it wants to soften it with North Korea.

According to his UN ambassador, sanctions are a “dead end”: “History has shown that the sanctions paradigm has not yet succeeded in ensuring security in the region or resolving issues related to the non-proliferation of missiles and nuclear weapons.”

China also wants to lift some sanctions in hopes of drawing North Korea back into talks with the United States. Denuclearization talks have stalled after the last summit between leader Kim and former President Donald Trump in 2019.

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The issue is now to be addressed by the UN General Assembly. Just one day before Thursday’s vote, Pyongyang launched three missiles. Washington has warned that a nuclear test could follow.

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