Home News VIDEO: EU leaders reach agreement on Russian oil ban

VIDEO: EU leaders reach agreement on Russian oil ban


EU leaders will in principle agree to ban oil imports from Russia at a summit in Brussels on Monday and Tuesday, but after weeks of talks, they will postpone decisions on how the procedure will work later, diplomats said.

“We are heading for an agreement on a sixth package of sanctions,” French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday (May 30th).

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte had similar sentiments.

According to a new summit project, the 27 nations will agree that imports of Russian oil into EU countries will be banned, albeit with a temporary exception for crude oil delivered through pipelines.

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The text consulted by Reuters confirms an agreement on sanctions for oil transported by sea, with oil delivered by pipeline to Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, landlocked countries, being subsequently sanctioned / stopped.

However, the leaders who will meet in Brussels will not finalize the terms of this temporary exception, the text suggests.

Instead, they will ask diplomats and ministers to find a solution that also ensures fair competition between those who still receive Russian oil and those who have been cut off.

On Monday, some EU leaders questioned any prospect of reaching a global agreement at the summit, with Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas saying it was more realistic to expect an agreement next month.

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“I do not think we will reach an agreement today. We will try to reach an agreement by the June summit, I think this is the realistic approach at the moment “, said Kallas.

The next summit is scheduled for June 23-24.

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