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Video from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine shows the damage in the town of Borodoyanka near Kyiv


Ukraine’s Defense Ministry has released drone footage showing the destruction of Borodoyanka, a Russian-occupied city in the Kyiv region that is now under the Ukrainian flag again. The video corresponded to satellite images and images of Borodyanka Street before the invasion, with a major roundabout being the main landmark shown in the filming.

The video was said to have been filmed on Wednesday (April 6th) and shows aerial images of damaged and destroyed buildings and roads in the area.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry points to Borodoyanka destruction, millions of people forced to flee their homes in Ukraine

Russia’s six-week invasion has so far forced more than 4 million people to flee abroad, killing or injuring thousands, leaving a quarter of the population homeless, turning cities into rubble, and imposing a series of restrictions. on Russian elites and the economy.

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Russia calls its actions in Ukraine a “special military operation.”

Part of the Ukrainian cities are being recaptured by the military forces of this country

Ukraine recaptures the eastern city of Trostianets, but it is ruined by Russian bombing.
The Ukrainian city of Trostianets, which had been under Russian control for a month, was liberated by Ukrainian troops on March 26.

The city in the northeast of the country was severely damaged, residential buildings were set on fire and Russian military hardware was left behind.

A local saleswoman told Reuters that she and her young children had spent 30 days in the basement hiding from the bombings.

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The local train station suffered serious damage. Wagons with several bullet holes and broken windows were seen in the abandoned train station.

Ukraine takes control of Trostianets, which is in a dramatic situation and has most of its important buildings in ruins.
A hospital was hit hard with holes in the brick facade.

In the last week, Ukrainian forces have recaptured towns and villages on the outskirts of Kiev, shattered the siege of Sumy in the east and repulsed Russian forces in the southwest.

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