Home News VIDEO – Pope Francis: “Mariupol was barbarically bombed”

VIDEO – Pope Francis: “Mariupol was barbarically bombed”


Pope Francis described the war in Ukraine as a “macabre regression of humanity” that makes him “suffer and cry,” while calling for humanitarian corridors to evacuate those stranded at the Mariupol steel plant.

Speaking in front of thousands of people in St. Peter’s Square for the lunch blessing, Francis again criticized Russia.

In Roman Catholicism, the month of May is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. Francis asked for a month of prayers for peace in Ukraine.

“My thoughts immediately go to the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, the city of Maria, which was bombed and brutally destroyed,” he said of the Russian-controlled port city in the southeast.

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“I cry when I think about how much the Ukrainian population is suffering, especially the elderly and children,” he said.

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